Transcend Yourself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Empty yourself
into the stillness.

into the open embrace,
where all things merge
into the splendour of unified awareness.

Widen your seeing.
Extend your hearing.
Expand all of your senses
to their utmost reach.

with your ever-present knowing.

Become this undivided presence;
where there is no perceiver,
where there is no perceived,
there is only the bliss of perceiving.

Sense the wave
that underpins every moment,
that pulses with the vibration of being;
that ebbs from form,
and that flows into the formless.

From something to nothing,
and back again.

Can you see now
how no thing actually exists?

All apparent things change
within every passing breath,
no thing remains constant—not even for a moment.

All apparent things are continually reborn anew
—including you.

You are not the same person
as who you were when you first began to read these very words.
The you that you thought you were, is no more.

So why bother trying to reason with the unreasonable?
Why bother looking for answers where there are none?

Your mind needn’t be applied to every sensation,
nor does every experience need to be defined.

Allow yourself to disappear
so that you can finally feel
all that can possibly be felt.

Transcend yourself.

Underneath all of those bulky layers of twisted thought,
it’s all so beautiful, radiant and absurd—is it not?

Live your life
as an expression of the infinite;
of the forever-ongoing, of the forever-unfolding,
of the eternal transitional movement of all that is;
and be united with all that you are forever-entwined.

Tomorrow may not be promised;
but now is.

With this breath,
I am.