Transcending the Storms of Suffering

By weathering the storms of life,
you prove to yourself... that you can.

You learn you are stronger than you think.

You learn that your fear of The Thing,
is greater than the thing itself.

All of the pains, struggles, and discomforts you endure
nourish new understandings in you;
they reveal new insights that can only be seen
once you've emerged from the other side.

The wisdom of perspective can only be gained
by venturing through the heart of the storm itself;
not by turning away.

Yes, the storm will leave its mark,
and it will take time to mend,
but it will be a scar that’s healed,
only to reveal profound new knowledge and experience;
it will be one you proudly wear throughout the rest of your days.

Your struggles are a catalyst for your spiritual growth;
without which you’ll be unable to grow
into who you were meant to become.

Without the storms of suffering,
you’ll have nothing to transcend
— your higher Self needs this.

Know that no storm will last forever
— the clouds will always part,
the winds will always settle,
and a bright new day will always return,
welcomed by open arms
with a renewed sense of wonderment and appreciation.

“You will not be the same after the storms of life; you will be stronger, wiser and more alive than ever before!”
—Bryant McGill

thanks to Bryant McGill from Simple Reminders for today's poetic inspiration