being mindful of the origin, temperature, and intent of your words

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

our thoughts and words are determined
by the temperature of the moment we're in;
they reflect the tone of our mood,
the nature of our environment,
the reality of our circumstance;
and the resistance we have to any of the three.

know that all decisions
made amidst emotional swings,
come not from the essence
of wisely made plans,
nor do they surmise our truest desires.

what we say in heated passing,
is coloured by the taste of the now.

be mindful of the energy
which inspires your utterances;
pay heed to all things being said
out of reactivity, confrontation or defence.

watch wisely your words;
note the spirit of the inner climates
in which they arise,
be mindful of their origin
and your intent.

would you rather speak words
weathered by a raging storm?

or words caressed by contemplative waves
of well-considered thought?