what would you do if you knew you’d never fail?

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

are you living in a reality
that's less than who you truly are?

the story you keep telling yourself
either limits you or sets your free,
and this becomes your reality.

our minds unfortunately tend to dwell on the negative however,
so that’s where they often reside.

we let this narrative we tell about ourselves define us,
we let its nagging words convince us we’re not capable of more, we let it tell us we're not worthy.

so what's the story you've been telling yourself?

have you ever noticed how you tighten around it?
how you pull back, constrict and become rigid because of it?
it makes you tensed and stressed.
it confines you.

don’t let this fiction continue to play itself out.
deny the story you're limiting yourself with — you are not it.

remember that whatever your mind says you cannot do — it’s right.

the key to unlocking your happiness and potential
is in the story you believe of yourself.

let me ask you this,
what would you do if you knew you’d never fail?

who would you be if success were guaranteed?

be that person.

tell yourself a different story — counteract the fear of mind
that's tightened around all your possibility and has choked all your hope.

tell yourself you’re infinitely capable,
and that your capacity for greatness stretches far beyond doubt.

with every thought, we begin anew.
life equals change — make sure your thoughts do too.
let go of the story you’ve been hanging on to.