When your inner commentary ends

words & design by Brian Thompson.

When your inner commentary finally ends,
your happiness can finally begin.

You can’t think your way into peace or equanimity;
the mind’s obsessions with opinions
must first come to an absolute rest.

When you let go of every idea
of who you believe you are
and of how everything should be,
reality’s beauty becomes clear.

Stop all seeking.
No longer grapple with subjective reason;
no longer endlessly wonder "why" this is, or "why" that was.

What you believe matters not,
for it belies the harmonious wellbeing
that is the peaceful-loving-calm of your true self nature.

No longer feed the ego with the energy of your attention,
and its divisive and nonsensical babble will fade
into the nothingness world of dreams from where it began.

Let the false self and its noisy narration
that has dominated your entire life
finally come to an end.

Be still in the radical acceptance of This;
be patient with whatever This present moment contains;
expand your awareness and become conscious of all that it includes;
no matter how it surrounds you, no matter how it settles within.

Become one with what Is,
with no resistance.

No longer challenge reality;
merely accept it as it is and as it comes,
and it will reveal the infinite and eternal serenity
that every experience, sensation, and perception
already blissfully exists within
—your limitless presence of choiceless awareness.