You are not a noun — you are a verb!

words and Photo by Brian Thompson.

Within you
is the energy of all creation.

You are the very spark of life itself,
in brilliant and ecstatic energized motion.

Every breath,
a kiss from the infinite consciousness.

Every movement,
a graceful step in a dance with the infinite.

Every moment,
a sublime glimpse of boundless perfection.

Within you
is the frequency of the entire Universe;
it ripples through your veins,
it pulses through your every thought,
it vibrates through your entire being.


This essence echoes in your every action;
for you are one with the creative energy of life,
realized — manifested — expressed.

It’s not just a part of you,
it IS you.

This is the Tao.

You are one
with this entire cosmic design;
no less substantial than the sun,
no less wondrous
than the greatest imagined galaxy
in all of the outer limits beyond.

And the most astounding thing of all,
you are not a noun — you are a verb!
You are not a thing, you are a Happening
— you always were and you always will be;
you are happening Now, together
— along with all manner of phenomena,
and all other objects, thoughts, concepts and things.

You are not the separate, solitary self
that you believe yourself to be
— you are the Universe in perpetual motion.

The world does not happen to you,
nor do you happen to it
— we're all just simultaneously happening together.

There is only This
— of which we are all blissfuly entangled
— and it is One.

You are the Universe,
alive and in vibrant motion;
boundless, wild and free,
resonating within itself into infinity.

This is our common Being.

Channel your universal energy into something brilliant;
be radiant!
Within you is the stuff of stars,
channel the cosmos and let your third eye shine.