You cannot see beauty with an ugly mind

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Wherever you look
you’ll see your own reflection.

The inner nature of your mind
colours your outside point of view.

Inside and outside are intrinsically linked,
they are one in the same;
one cannot be removed from the other.

You are your inside environment,
just as your environment is inside you.

Do you see jealousy and greed, or love and beauty?
Do you see anger and hate, or peace and prosperity?
Do you see fear and resistance, or joy and opportunity?
Do see you gloom and anxiety, or cheer and serenity?

How you see the world
is no different
than how the world sees you.

Open the doors to your mind
and see what you find
—what looks back at you?

You are the essence
with which your entire universe is formed.
You are its creator.
You are both the cause and the effect
of all that you perceive.

You cannot see beauty with an ugly mind.

That which you seek will always elude you
if you remain blinded by the ignorance within.

If your life view seems negatively contaminated,
or perhaps spoiled by rotten fruit from the past,
or constrained by things seemingly out of your control,
then begin to make positive changes within,
and you will see their favourable reflection growing
in all that you see and experience outside.

Turn your heavy heart inside out
—allow the weight of the world to escape
into the light of your enlightened mind.

If you awaken to the true nature of your inner resistance,
and strive with pure-hearted intent to melt it away,
the universe will bend to meet you half way,
to reveal the lighter side of life
you always seemed to have been missing.