Sparks to Awaken is a personal guide to mindful living, inner discovery, transformation and transcendent awareness.

How do you quit overthinking and drop all of the negativity that spins through your head? How do you simplify your life and be rid of your frustrations? How do you stop the day-to-day struggle that seems to define modern life? How do you do what you love?

Sparks to Awaken is a collection of insights to answer these questions, to change your perspectives, and to transform your life. It gives a practical approach for living with purpose, passion, and mindfulness.

Sparks to Awaken shares the teachings of Zen wisdom, non-duality and Buddhist philosophy, through an awakened personal narrative, to help you understand the nature of your true self so that you can live peacefully in the present moment.

Free yourself from the self-limiting habits, behaviours, and expectations that cause you to suffer.  

Find stillness, clarity and wonder in every moment.

It begins with a spark.